80’s Flashback


Okay…so I’m flashing back to the 80’s. I just finished putting my stage make up on for the last dress rehearsal of our Christmas production. I haven’t worn this much makeup since about 1986. Of course that also involved spandex, lip gloss, a mullet and a really sweet Kramer electric guitar with a reverse headstock…man, those were the days!


2 Responses

  1. I am a product of the 80’s…what a frightening decade! When hairspray sells were at heir all time highs and we wore leg warmers in the summer.

    Did you say Mullet? Have you seen inWorships mullet on his blog? And I “still” stayed married to him 😯

  2. Spandex!!!! 😯

    I’ll stick with my mullet 🙂

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