We’re going “unplugged” this weekend. Partly out of necessity and partly because I love doing it. Our Christmas production opens this Friday and our stage has been transformed into New York City 1850. With that and the re-working of our P.A. to accommodate the show, simplistic was the way to go. I actually try to do this a few times a year. It slows us down and gives us an opportunity to purposefully dwell on the wonder of God.

There won’t be a great guitar solo this weekend and we won’t open with “Take it All” or “I Am Free”…instead, we will attempt to draw nearer to God by making the morning very personal. I think the challenge in any congregational setting is getting people to forget about who’s next to them or behind them and to simply pursue a one on one, personal encounter with God…this Sunday we will ask our people to pursue that encounter.

For those of us who are part of the creative team, this is a constant pursuit for us. We long for that intimacy with God, not just for ourselves, but also for the people we lead in worship. We want people to get it. We want people to grasp the worth of God, not just on Sunday… but every day. Our prayer is that we can make a little headway in that pursuit this weekend.


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