An Old Memory and a Soon to be New One


One of my favorite memories as a kid was the day I got to meet Jim Zorn (the Seahawks first quarterback). I was 6 years old and the Seahawks were in their 2nd year in the NFL. My Mom entered me in a contest to be the “Seahawks Mascot of the Week”…and I WON!

The day of the game my Mom and I were given press passes and a tour of the brand new Kingdome. We hung out in the press box and then toured the field before the game. At halftime, they put my name “Jimmy Henry” up on the jumbotron. The ‘Hawks went on to beat the Browns 20-19. The best part was after the game. They escorted us down to the field…the dome was empty with the exception of a few players and media people. I stood in the endzone and watched as Jim Zorn started walking towards me…HE WAS HUGE (at least to a 6 year old). I remember every moment leading up to the picture above. I’ve never forgotten that day and have been a Seahawks fan ever since.

This weekend will be my son, Turner’s, first ‘Hawks game. Not at the old Kingdome or the new Qwest Field, but at the Edward Jones Dome in St. Louis. He won’t be wearing a Steve Largent shirt like I was…he’ll insist on wearing his Matt Hasselbeck jersey (he’d wear it everyday if he could). We probably won’t meet any players or get any autographs, but we will create a memory that will last for many years to come.

I got Jim Zorn’s autograph that day, but what I remember most about it was the fact that he signed his name and wrote “1 Cor. 10:13” right beside it. I’d been in church for all of about 2 years when this picture was taken and the fact that one of my hero’s knew Jesus made a huge impression on me. As Turner and I head out to create a new memory this weekend, I pray that he sees in me the same thing I saw in Jim Zorn…a hero who loves Jesus.


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  1. Think he already sees daddy as a hero that loves Jesus!

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