I Need to Get Out More


I had a great day today. After sending the kids off to school, I ran in to the church to wrap up a few things and was back home around 9:30. Christine and I then headed to Peoria where she was about to take her RMA exam (see how she did here). – I went along and enjoyed some great conversation with the most wonderful woman on the planet, dropped her off at the testing place and headed straight to Guitar Center. This is kind of like heading to the promised land for a guy like me. Back in Seattle, I had a ton of music store choices, but in Bloomington, the pickings are scarce at best…of course this morning…I had a game plan.

1. Enter the “Acoustic Room” and play my dream guitar.

2. Place my behind firmly on a comfy stool and continue playing said dream guitar.

3. Play other guitars just to prove they are not worthy of being in the same room as my dream guitar.

It was a simple plan and one that played out beautifully. After a while I headed to the recording section where I played with some sweet Mac gear, asked questions about stuff I can’t afford and pretty much drooled over the back half of the store. All of this made for a really great day away from Bloomington. To top it off, Christine aced her test (seriously…she didn’t miss one single question!!!) – We headed home, enjoyed some more great conversation and spent the rest of the day in “relax mode”.

Things have been pretty crazy around here lately…and this was exactly what I needed to recharge. Sometimes I forget the value of a day away, but today God reminded me just how important that time really is.


2 Responses

  1. Thanks honey, I love you. Wish you had your dream guitar. You deserve it!

  2. we’ve got one in Joliet, about 2 miles from church.

    after I go I feel the need to stop in to see a priest so that he can hear my confession! Way too much coveting!

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