Creatively Sitting Around


I got to spend a few hours this morning with a new friend. Mark and his family have been coming to Vale for about 3 months and have decided to make this their new church home. Mark and I have managed to grab lunch a couple times since first meeting and have been planning to get together like this for quite some time. Here’s the fun part. Mark is just like me (only skinnier and 10 years younger). He is creative in the same ways I am, bothered by what I’m bothered by, moved by the same thingsĀ that move me and dying to be creative every moment of every day…an unexpected “kindred spirit” of sorts.

So, this morning I had the chance to creatively sit around with Mark. We jammed on guitar for a while, shared songs, video edits and graphics, talked about some really sweet techie stuff and most importantly talked about ministry. Both Mark and I have a long list of ministry experience, but it’s fascinating to me that our collective experience had brought both of us to a basement recording studio in Normal, IL. It’s amazing how God works out the little details of our lives.

Ultimately, this is a huge win for all of us. Mark’s family has found a new church home, we have found a great addition to our creative ministry and I have found a great place to sit around and stew on creative things. God continues to grow this ministry in unexpected ways…


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