What to do With an Extra Hour (update)


Okay…so not all went according to plan. Here’s how my extra hour played out (I know you’ve all been waiting on pins and needles)

  • I went to bed at a decent hour, hoping to add to my sleep time.
  • I set my alarm, but either (a. it didn’t go off) or (b. I subconsciously ignored it), which means I got up an hour late…it would have been later, but my Wife happened to wake up…thank goodness.
  • I got ready in a record 8 minutes, grabbed my stuff and ran out the door.
  • I drove by Starbucks, which was open because it was after 6am, but I couldn’t stop because I was already an hour behind.
  • I reset the stage which had been moved around for our Christmas production rehearsals (again…in record time)
  • I sat down and managed to have a bit of a quiet time.
  • I wrapped up one last minute video addition for the morning, tuned my guitars and warmed up a bit…just in time for my team to arrive for rehearsal.
  • I went to Starbucks between morning rehearsals
  • Now I’m posting before 1st service.

I think I need to set my clock back another hour…I could use a break!

One Response

  1. Bwa ahh ahh ahh ahh. Got you know worship boy… Seem you were a little sleepy their blunder boy!

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