What to do With an Extra Hour


Next to Christmas, this is my favorite day of the year…time to fall back, relax, and have an hour magically added to my existence. I ask you…does it get any better than this? So, what should I do with these extra 3600 seconds? Here are some thoughts.

  • I could sleep an extra hour (very cliche’, but probably a wise choice)
  • I could go to bed an hour early to double my bonus time (ohhh…that’s appealing)
  • I could arrive at the church an hour early and get a jump on next week (tempting, but not relaxing)
  • I could spend it on the other side and stay up an hour later than usual (intriguing, but doesn’t help the “tiredness factor”)
  • I could get up early and blog (something I rarely do on Sunday’s)
  • I could stay up late and blog (something I do too often)
  • I could go to Starbuck’s and wonder why they aren’t open at 5am on Sunday’s (frustrating)

I’m thinking this could go a million different directions. In the end, I think I’ll play it by ear and see what happens…I’ll keep you posted.


One Response

  1. I am your wife and I know exactly what you will do, so hear goes. You will stay up late and blog, and you get up super early to get to the church to make sure everything is just so(this will never change) and on your way to the church you will drive by Starbucks and wonder why they are not open at 5:00 am and then do your quiet time before the place fills up! I know you best-don’t let him fool you guys! The sleep thing happens after church-this is his time to rest, oh we have Freedom’s Gift-sorry honey!

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