I saw this online the other day and it really grabbed me. “When the winds of change blow hard enough, the most trivial of things can turn into deadly projectiles.” In ministry this is as close to an absolute truth as you can get outside of the Bible. Change takes a sensitive subject and turns it into a life altering event. It can take a good relationship and stretch it to its limits. Change can cause the minor to become major, the simple to become complex and the inconvenient to become intolerable. But here’s the catch…in-spite of all that, change is a good thing.

God is all about change…changed lives, changed circumstances, changed attitudes and changed eternities. What amazes me is that God Himself is un-changeable. His Word and His attributes are eternal, His power and might are unmatchable, His glory and presence are unimaginable and all these things will NEVER change. In our churches, however, change is a necessity. If we are truly striving towards Christ-likeness as individuals and as the church, then change MUST happen and it MUST happen consistently. Spiritual growth is evidenced by life change…if we’re not changing, then odds are we’re not growing.

So, if change is a necessity, why is it such a divisive issue? Why is it that a seemingly small adjustment in how a church ministers to people can cause such a divisive response? I think the answer lies in our comfort level. It’s easy to get comfortable as a Christ-follower. It’s easy to sit back and say; “I’ve grown enough” or “I’ve given enough of me”. Change causes divisiveness, because change causes inconvenience. Change can turn our cozy spiritual existence, into a lot of hard work…and not everyone is ready or that.

I believe that it’s “gut-check” time for God’s church today on this issue. Are we willing to get uncomfortable for the sake of the gospel? Are we willing to change in ways that don’t fit our “personality” if it means people will surrender their lives to Jesus? Are we willing to lay our preferences aside to share God’s truth with a dying world? We need not go any farther than Jesus Himself for our example. Jesus got uncomfortable and ALL of our lives have changed as a result.


2 Responses

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  2. Love this Jim. God’s word never changes but his word is all about change!

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