Bible in a Year (pt.13)


So let the debate begin…What Psalm is the greatest? I can hear everyone chiming in with their responses as I type. For me, the greatest Psalm would have to be Psalm 63. Today’s reading included all 11 verses of this great chapter. Check it out here. I love a Psalm that leaves you asking yourself some tough questions…try these out:

When was the last time I earnestly searched for God?

When was the last time my soul thirsted for God?

Has my whole body ever longed for God?

Am I really willing to praise God as long as I live?

Does God satisfy me…or do I insist on trying to find fulfillment elsewhere?

Have I ever laid awake thinking about God?

Do I sing for joy? 

Do I cling to God? 

If you’ve ever wondered how you should respond to God in your life, simply answer “yes” to these questions and you’ll be on the right track. God longs for us to long for Him…and what a privilege that is!


One Response

  1. I think my favorite Psalm is 139. He knew me before he made me, He knit me in my mothers womb, He knows all my hurts! What an amazing GOD! HE KNOWS EVERYTHING!

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