God on Display


So here’s a random story from several years ago. I was on a “red-eye” from Minnesota to Seattle on a 757 with maybe 25 other passengers. The small passenger list meant that I had 3 seats all to myself. So once we we’re at 35,000 feet I raised all of the arm rests and settled in for a much needed nap. After an hour of trying to sleep, I gave up. I was exhausted, but this just wasn’t working out.

So I decided to grab the headphones and see what there was to listen to. Now, this was about 15 or 16 years ago…and in-flight entertainment wasn’t what it is today. The headphone were made of cheesy rubber and plastic and the musical choices consisted of the cockpit conversation (not very heavy at 2:30 in the morning), a country station, classic rock, top 10 and classical. Wanting desperately to get some sleep, I chose the classical station. I put the headphones in and laid my head against the window, hoping for the best.

It was about that same time that I noticed these flashes of light below the airplane. It took me a minute, but I soon realized that we were flying over the top of a massive thunderstorm. Forget about sleeping, I’d never seen a night time thunderstorm from this vantage point before. So there I sat, with my plastic headphones, classical music and a topside view of a biggest thunderstorm I’d ever seen. Then something God-sized began to happen. The music was building and so was the storm. The lightening flashes began to sync up with the music as if on cue. Every time a cymbal would crash, the lightening would flash…every time the music would fade, so would the storm. For the next several minutes I watched as God orchestrated His creation around the music in my plastic headphones. It was one of the most amazing things I had ever seen.

I don’t remember a lot about the circumstances of that flight, but I do remember that I desperately needed to see more of God. I was struggling in my walk and struggling to find who I was in Christ. God knew that I needed an encounter with Him that night. He knew that I needed to be reminded of how awesome He truly is. I think we can all look back and mark different times when God did something to get us back on track. For me…this was one of those times. And I will never forget it!


3 Responses

  1. I love those moments…they can’t be manufactured. The funny part is that we can long for them, pray for them and want them with desperation and all we hear is the crickets chirping. Then other times they just flow. I had one last week. Can’t fully explain it, but I encountered more of God in a few moments than I felt I had in months.

  2. Great story, Jim. I’m a HUGE storm fan, so I can relate. It’s so cool how God speaks to each of us differently at different times. That night, it was a storm for you, tomorrow, maybe a story through email, next week, a song…

  3. Awesome story, my friend! It felt like I was right there with you… hearing the cymbal crashes and seeing the lightning flashes!!! What an amazing and majestic God we serve!!!

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