I’m tired today. The weather is ugly, the week was long and my kids are fighting. I’ve worked 15 days straight and I have Christmas production rehearsals tomorrow…then it’s Sunday…and the wheel starts all over again. It’s not often that I get to this point. I’m pretty guarded when it comes to rest, but the plate is full and I’ve got to get some things off of it asap.

Ever been here before? Yep…me too. I doesn’t happen all that frequently, but every once in a while I stop and look back and realize that I haven’t taken a breath in way too long. I’m reminded of the story, in Mark Ch. 4, when Jesus was in the boat with His disciples. The storm was raging, the boat was rocking, the disciples were panicking…but Jesus, was sleeping! Ultimately Jesus gets up, calms the storm and life goes on. What I love about this story is that Jesus was resting because He had control over the storm. What the disciples didn’t know was that they could have laid down and rested next to Jesus and the storm wouldn’t have harmed them. I forget that sometimes…how about you?

Let’s face it, ministry can be pretty stormy…so can everyday life. But Jesus taught us how to float right through the heart of the storm. Something’s got to give and if you keep pressing, you begin to lose control over what that something is. It’s inevitable that weeks like this will happen. Sometimes all it takes is one unexpected meeting or event to turn your whole schedule into a nightmare, but remember…Jesus has power over the storm and because of that, you can lay down in the back of the boat and rest your head and heart next to His.


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