When You’re Not Feeling Creative


One of the biggest struggles in creative ministry is what to do when you’re not feeling creative. Without fail, there will always be that next video, next graphic, next song or next design you need to do…and without fail they will all come with a deadline attached to them. But how do you get it done when the “well is dry”?

Here are a few things that have helped me find inspiration when creatively I’m completely spent.

1. Magazines: Tim Stevens mentioned at Innovate (watch his session here) that he reads “Entertainment Weekly” to help him stay in touch with popular culture…E.W. along with many other magazines are also a great source of creative inspiration. Sometimes it’s an add or a photo or even an article that gets the juices flowing again.

2. Youtube: Need inspiration? Surf around on youtube for a while. Not everything is great by any stretch, but there are many “hidden gems” to be found if you look hard enough.

3. Driving: Sometimes simply getting out of the office and going for a drive changes everything. Look around at the billboards, storefronts and most importantly creation and soak it in for a bit. Remember…change of pace+change of place=change of perspective.

4. Drop it: There’s nothing wrong with dropping a project for a day or two and coming back at it fresh later. Remember to plan well enough so you can afford such a break if needed. Forcing creativity is a drag, so if you can…step away for a spell.

5. Collaborate: Get another set of creative tools involved. Sometimes a fresh set of eyes and ears can trigger a creative avalanche.

I could keep going forever on this, but I think you get the point….Inspiration is all around you. Remember, you live in a world created by the God of creativity. Great art and ideas are everywhere. Look around…you’ll be amazed at how quickly you start feeling creative again.


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