Oh…My ‘Hawks


Lessons learned at Qwest Field tonight… 

  • Shaun Alexander is done.
  • Mack Strong’s retirement is one of the biggest losses we’ve had in years.
  • Mike Holmgren mismanaged the last 2:30 of tonight’s game…it’s happening more and more lately. What’s up with that?
  • We’ve never recovered from Steve Hutchinson going to the Vikings.
  • Seneca Wallace should be a full-time wide out.
  • Hasselbeck is still the Man…but no QB can make it happen without an O-Line.
  • We were completely unprepared for Reggie Bush.
  • I knew Drew Brees was better than he’s shown this year…he proved it tonight.
  • Shaun Alexander is done…Oh, did I say that already?

I haven’t seen Seahawks fans wearing bags since the early 80’s…I saw it tonight. What’s weird is we’re still in 1st place…I remember one year we went to the playoffs at 8-8.

Could it happen again?

Who knows?

I’m going to the game in St. Louis next month…We’ll have to see which team wants to lose the game more.


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