The Best Guitar Player You’ve Never Heard Of

I’ve been looking forward to tonight for several weeks. Tonight I had the chance to go out with my friends Tim and Marcy to see Monty Montgomery and his band play live in Champaign. Tim got me into this guy several months ago and I’ve been waiting for a chance to go see him. Over the years, I’m seen most of the “greats” live and have played with a few people who are on that same level, but Monty was hands down the best guitar player I have ever seen! There’s a ton of stuff on Youtube if you want to check it out…below is a solo piece he did at the NAMM show last year.

Great night, with great friends and great music…(oh, and a great cup of coffee) that’s a hard combo to beat!


2 Responses

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  2. Jim,

    Yikes. This guy is amazing. Have you listen to Eric Mongraine yet? William Elwood? If you like Monte, you’ll like these guys.

    thanks for the lead – i love great guitar music.


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