From Blog Friend to Real Friend


Had a great time today spending some time with Dennis Papp (one of my favorite bloggers). As I mentioned in a previous post here, these kinds of relationships are so important in ministry. At times, it’s incredibly difficult to break away from our individual “ministry world” long enough to catch our breath. Today I was able to catch mine and spend some time with a great guy who has a great heart for God. For those “Rock Runners” who read this blog…you guys are in GREAT hands!

Thanks for making the trip Dennis…and for the great lunch…I had a blast! (Maaan…I should have passed on the dessert…no dinner for me).


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  1. I do live quite an interesting life….the last two stories aren’t even the half of it. If you click the Wacky World of Lindsay link at the bottom of the post, it will pull up all the other ones I’ve written about.

    The most unusual and nutty things happen to me. So crazy! 🙂

  2. you guys do Panera’s? Do they have one in Bloomington? I graduated from NCHS but that was a lifetime ago and it was still mostly corn fields down there 🙂

  3. You know, I used that image because after laboring for several minutes to come up with somethings, that was the only thing I could think of. While I own the Mac and you have the PC, I think I’m the nerd in the suit! If I did the sweatshirt, jeans and cool hair look I’d look like a 44-year-old dumpy guy in mid-life crisis!

  4. Jim…I said it on my blog, but I gotta say it here too…I hope Vale knows what they have in you because you are amazing. I don’t know that I’ve ever seen artistic, techy , admin, driven and balanced all in one body. God still does miracles!

    Bloomington has needed a Granger-type church for so long…not another “play it safe Christian-club”…but an aggressively outreaching, cutting edge ministry and you have the team to pull it off. Between you, Ted, Ken, Steve, Angie and the others I met yesterday, I can’t wait to see what God does through all of you!

    Personally, I enjoyed connecting. It was fun to hear your thought and dreams…and to hear about your wife, kids and life. Conversation flowed and it was refreshing.

    Now I know better how to pray for you and partner with you and I look forward to both.

    I’ll be back!

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