Bible in a Year (pt.12)


I’ve been making my way through Leviticus in the Old Testament portion of my reading. The last several days have been focused on the various instructions God gave the Israelites through Moses. I have to admit, it’s not always the most exciting portion of scripture to read, but there is one thing in particular that keeps jumping out at me. Over and over again, God refers to Himself as “The God who brought you [the Israelites] out of the land of Egypt.” It’s as if God was trying to drill that historic event into their heads. The truth is, I think He was.

The exodus from Egypt was a huge turning point in  the history of Israel. Not only were they rescued from the oppression of slavery, but they got to see the power of God on full display (the plagues, the red sea, the manna etc…) – Yet after all that, God still had to remind them continually of what He had done in their lives.

That got me thinking about my life. In 1980 God brought me out of captivity, led me away from where I was, showed me His power by changing my life and provided a future in paradise. Yet, like the Israelites, I often need a reminder. When life is going forward, it’s easy to forget where life has been. But God has always been there, ready to remind me of where I was and what He’s done in my life…“Remember Jim…I am the God who brought you out of captivity 27 years ago.”

I wish I didn’t need reminding. I wish I would never lose sight of that memory. Maybe that’s just it. It’s not meant to be just a memory. The truth is, God is STILL leading me out of the old life into the new. He’s STILL providing. He STILL showing me His power in my life. He’s STILL leading me through the desert of this life day after day on the way to the promised land.

Sure, I remember what God has done… and I remember it all the more because He is STILL doing it!


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  1. Yeah, yeah, yeah!! SAY THAT!!!

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