The Important Stuff…


I was reading my wife’s moblog post this morning. Check it out here. This trip to see her Grandma is important..actually, let me rephrase that…it’s really important! Living the full-time ministry life has it’s challenges and one of those challenges is finding time for the important stuff. One thing we made very clear before being hired at Vale was that we would never allow our family to be sacrificed on the altar of ministry. Those are words that Christine is living by at this very moment.

It’s worth every dime of airfare and every moment apart to know that Christine is spending time with her Grandma and that this time is ministering to both of them. If my Wife had stayed home, we would have saved a few hundred bucks. This week would be easier because I wouldn’t have the kids to myself and the two of us could have enjoyed a long weekend together…but ultimately, we would have missed out big time. Christine is doing the important stuff this week…and I praise God for that!


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