Which Hero Are You?

Okay…just so we have it straight. D-Plum is “Suresh”, Lindsay is “Hiro”, Kem is “Isaac” and Corey is “Micah”….since there are still a few characters remaining I’ll try and fill the void…

I’m “Nathan”. But I’m not the good side of Nathan. You know, the side that carries his brother into space and saves humanity from the “exploding man”…No, I get the Nathan who’s obsessed with his “career”. What’s up with that? Seriously that’s not me…really, I’m not obsessive…at all…I’m NOT, NOT, NOT!

Truth be told…I took the quiz twice, tweaked an answer or 2 and still got the same result. See for yourself.


I think I need some help… 

Take the quiz here.


3 Responses

  1. First of all…these quizzes…aren’t always right…
    BUT, second of all…what better career to be obsessed with but to worship God and lead others to do the same. Obsess away dear!! You are an AWESOME person, husband, father, friend and leader!!

  2. Okay, I will admit that it made me giggle that you took the test twice AND tried to “fix” it……sigh…. 🙂 I’m just teasing….I didn’t really giggle…I didn’t….promise. 😉

    Its all good though. Its obvious you use your “obsession” power for good! So keep it up!

  3. Hello Jim I was here :o)
    But seriously we serve a mighty god who has given us the greatest of all heroes who sacrificed himself so that everyone would be free. Someone who has inspired others to seek the lost, the weak, and downtroden. Thru HIS journey to the cross, to the grave, and to life everlasting is our example off what it means to be a hero.

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