Random Thoughts…


-I was starting to think my Seahawks were the class of the NFC…then I remembered that Dallas and Green Bay are 4-0.

-Innovate was a life changer this year. I’m still trying to process everything that I saw and heard.

-Dennis Papp said about his church “…there is a spirit of graciousness and love and support that reflects the heart of Jesus.” – I pray that’s true for us as well. Read Dennis’ post here.

-My Wife and my Mom are leaving town next week. Bring on single Fatherhood! (anyone know a good sitter?)

-The older I get the more I like to read. Of course the older I get the harder it is to see the pages…

-God’s faithfulness blows me away…every moment…every day.

-I am now an official Cub’s fan (at least until next season when the Mariner’s win the World Series)

-Speaking of Chicago…the Bears proved once again that it’s not ALL the quarterback’s fault.

-I’ve got a date to meet my kids at the school bus…more randomness later (unless I think of something better to say.)


One Response

  1. Ooo Ooo…I know a good sitter!! MY HUBBY!! He has you covered for the 12th at least!!

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