Live From Innovate (pt.9)


Session 7: Troy Gramling “Innovation In Leading Change”

Innovation can lead to exposure.

What does an innovative person look like?

Transform our ears:

  • Innovators limit who they listen to.
    • If you don’t limit who you listen to, you can’t hear anyone.
    • The hard part is whoever we don’t listen to, may get mad.
  • Who am I going to listen to?
    • people who believe in me?
    • people who love me?
    • or people with more wisdom than me?

Transform our eyes:

  • How can we narrow our focus and still broaden our influence.
    • Focus on protecting the vision.
    • Producing the product.
    • Push out the values. (making sure the values are being lived out by your leaders).
  • The key to great innovation isn’t the great idea, it’s the ability to implement the great idea.

Transform Our Hands:

  • Innovative hands are executing for tomorrow.
    • Today’s numbers are due to yesterday’s execution.

Transforming Feet:

  • Traditional feet make the next step BIG to prove we really love God. Innovative feet make that step as small as possible so they can make the journey towards loving God fully.
  • Innovative leaders get the barriers out of the way so that the next step is possible.
  • Disciplined creativity
    • Don’t be creative for the sake of creativity…the creativity needs to point to the message.

Transform Your Brain:

  • God has made you to do something amazing not to simply be a “copy”.
  • God can have anyone where you are at…but He chose you!

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