Live From Innovate (pt.8)


Session 6: Kem Meyer “Blogging”

  • Not everyone can be a blog writer, but everyone can be a blog reader.

Why Blog?

  • Blogs are social.
  • Great for networking.
  • RSS feeds and subscriptions.
  • Way to share personal stories quickly.
  • Connectedness.
  • Expressiveness.
  • Share hobbies/interests.
  • Training and tutorials.

Writing Blogs

  • Write it once and point people to it instead of repeating yourself.
  • Stewardship and accountability as a leader simply by sharing your content.
  • Forces you to organize your thoughts. (more disciplined and strategic)
  • Puts a face or personality to who you are.
  • Blogs are better if they’re shorter

The “What’s” of blogging.

  • Blogosphere– The universe of blogging.
  • Blovel – Very loooong blog.
  • Blogworthy – Something worth blogging about
  • Blahg – Not blogworthy
  • Dooce – Fired because of a blogpost. – Watch what you post.
  • Lurker – Reading a blog, but not participating on it.
  • Post – Blog entry
  • Doppelblogger – Stealing a post and claiming it as your own. Reusing content is great, just give credit to the writer.
  • Trackback – Let another blog know that you are linking to one of its entries.
  • Ping – Alerting blogtracking software that you’ve made a post.
  • Blogroll – List of blogs you personally track.
  • Moblogging – Blogging from your mobile phone.
  • Link Love – A link to your blog from another blogger.
  • Troll – Someone who leaves comments on a blog solely to antagonize the author.
  • Flamer – Someone who is inappropriate in their responses.
  • Blogna Sandwich – Someone who spends their lunch reading blogs.


  • Blog readers. (bloglines, google reader etc…)
  • Free tools: blogger, typepad, wordpress
    • Most have paid upgrades with added features.

Best Practices

  • Be yourself, be authentic.
  • Provide value
  • Know your audience
  • A Blog should be personal…just remember it isn’t private.
  • Use common sense and respect.
  • Don’t apologize for light blogging. Blog when you can.
  • Comment on blogs, but don’t feel like you have to comment on everything.
  • Sharing link love
  • Don’t ask for others to link to you…it will come naturally.
  • No quick-links…let people know where your linking them to.
  • Test your links.
  • Link to something that will most likely be around long term.

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