Live From Innovate (pt.7)


Session 5: Rob Wegner “Transferring Communication”

  • People are bombarded with messages
    • 7.3 million new web pages go live each day
    • 1000 new books were published during this message.
    • 90 billion emails a day
    • 5 million IM’s a day
  • Our message is “YOU MATTER TO GOD”.
    • How do we cut through the noise to make the message heard?
  • How do we make transferable communication stick?
    • Our message only becomes understandable, rememberable and catalytic when it sticks.

Question One: Is the message simple?

  • Not watering it down.
  • Simple means finding the core in communication
    • Example: Roosevelt said; “We have nothing to fear but fear itself”
    • JFK said; Ask not your country can do for you, but ask what you can do for your country.
    • These are core statements.
  • Simple is about choosing
    • Resisting releasing ALL the information at once.
    • Pick ONE idea and make it stick.
    • The goal isn’t to share what we know, but what they need to know.
  • Simple means finding the irreducible minimum.
  • Simple means determining the core of what you will teach.
    • All scripture is equally inspired, but not all scripture is equally important.
      • In the O.T. the “law” was condensed into the 10 commandments..
      • Matthew 23:23

Question Two: Is it unexpected?

  • Unexpected means being unexpected in a way that drives the point home.
    • Churches have become experts at boredom and expect-ability.
  • Unexpected means creationg a curiosity gap.

Question Three: Is it concrete?

  • Language and theology is often abstract.
    • Life is concrete.
      • People want to know if you can help them with life
      • Kids, marriage, finances, depression etc.
  • Concrete means testable credentials

Question Four: Is it story-driven?

  • Story driven means shifting from illustration to animation.
    • In a modern world, you can’t derive the moral from the story…in a post-modern world you can’t derive the story from the moral.
    • Stories are flight simulators for the brain.
  • Layer story upon story

Question Five: Am I Spirit-Dependent?

  • The Spirit of God make our “sticky” communication supernatural.
  • Only God can say “come out”!
  • With God anything is possible.

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