Live From Innovate (pt.10)


Session 8: Scott Hodge “Dealing With Change”

Great sessions with a ton of great knowledge. Thanks to my man Bryan, for catching me up on  some of the notes I missed!

  • The question at the end isn’t going to be how do you feel about Christianity, the question is going to be what did you do with what I gave you.
  • They went into changing their church like they had nothing to lose.
  • They understood what they didn’t want to be.
    • Why are we doing ministries that aren’t taking us where we want to go?
  • Transition IS painful.
  • Stopped doing things on their terms.
  • Started doing things the built towards the vision.
  • Lived the vision instead of just saying the vision.
  • They lost people they loved dearly in the process.
  • Kept pushing forward knowing they were following the vision God had laid on their hearts.
  • “Bulldog tenacity” – They were willing to die for the vision.
  • Listen to the voice of God above all others.
    • Courageously obey that voice.
  • Sometimes you think you’ve changes, but instead you’ve simply redressed the same old issues.
  • Key problematic issue: Wanting the best of both worlds.
    • Wanting to change the culture but not lose people.
    • Want the unchurched but want everyone to feel good.
    • Wanting to hold on to the old, while embracing the new (this won’t work)
    • We hold on to the “old wineskins” because they don’t cost anything.
  •  No church is the right church for everyone
  • Some expensive decisions have to be made.

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