Live From Innovate (pt.5)


Session 4: Tim Stevens “Directors’ Commentary”

  • Offer continual on-ramps
    • New series help people invest and invite.
    • New Series hep your arts teams focus.
  • A successful series has 3 elements.
    • Relevant Topic
    • Cultural Theme
    • Biblical Truth
  •  A cultural theme helps you speak the language
    • A missionary doesn’t start proclaiming Christ until they have a familiarity with the foreign language.
    • Today’s culture has a language all its own.
  • Study the culture.
    • VMA’s
    • Movies
    • Concerts
    • Entertainment Weekly
    • Music
  • A big idea keeps everyone on track (The planning process goes in 3 directions)
    • Senior Pastor
    • Promotion Team
    • Creative Arts Team
  • Don’t feel like you have to reinvent the wheel
    • God created us in His image…which means we are creative!
    • Don’t be afraid to use other resources.
    • Get inspiration from the Internet.
    • See your service as a seamless experience, using whatever is needed to tie it all together and teach the principle.

Great session!!!

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