Live From Innovate (pt.4)


Session 3: Butch Whitmire “Leading Artists”

Greatest Leadership Mistakes

  • Failure to appreciate the artistic temperament.
    • Artists simply feel more.
    • Artists require more of your time. (leave margin in your day to give them that time)
    • Artists need to feel heard and that their opinions count. (allow a voice for their passions)
  • Failure to play “show and tell”.
    • Employ the same visual environment you use on Sunday’s to cast your artistic vision to the team.
    • Be Multi-sensory
  • Failure to position people where they are strongest.
    • Strengths are something that make you feel stronger (something you could do all day).
    • Place people where they are passionate.
  • Failure to have a process for the process.
    • Our processes need to change with our technology.
    • As your list of tools increases, you planning process will need to adapt.

 Best nugget of the session: “The nice thing and the right thing are not always the same thing.”


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