Hurry Up


T-Minus 17 hours until the trusty church van makes its way to Innovate. I love going to conferences, but I have to admit, I detest the days that lead up to them. Nothing like cramming 5 days worth of work into 3. I can’t stand leaving for a conference and knowing that I have something left unfinished for the coming weekend. That’s why tomorrow I will be in “hurry up” mode. Over the last 2 days, I’ve managed to get through a pretty decent chunk of my to do list…here’s what’s on the agenda for tomorrow.

-Get the kids fed, watered and off to school

-Quiet Time

-Haircut…gotta happen.

-Wrap up teaching video for the youth service (okay…I have to start it first…then I can wrap it up).

-Wrap up “review” video for the Wednesday night service.

-Start “Napolean Dynamite” promo for the Youth

-Pull charts for the vocalists and band.

-Set the computers for Sunday morning.

-Finish prepping for our Kenya Team video shoot next week.

-Work on pre-roll video for our “Urban Legends” series.

-Catch up on my emails.

-Come home to meet the school bus ans say “bye” to the kids.

-Go back to Vale to catch the van to Innovate!

I think all that’s manageable…I’m not freakin’ out too bad.

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