Slip Up…


Before I went into full-time ministry, a good friend told me to always learn from my mistakes…because I WILL make them. That’s one of those “advice nuggets” that you file away knowing that it could come in handy someday. Well “someday” has arrived.

I talk a lot in our creative ministry about humility and selflessness, two characteristics that don’t always come easy to artists, but are essential in the life of a worshipper. Well this week I failed a couple in our church, because of a failure to live by those characteristics.

Tonight everything hit me. After a day of trying to “justify” my choices, I found myself embarrassed and humbled by my actions. There wasn’t any confrontation, or anything like that, in fact there’s a distinct possibility that these people don’t even feel wronged by me at all. But the fact is, I know I failed them…both as a Pastor and as a friend.

Life and ministry are all about choices. At some point, we will all make bad ones. The question is…will we learn from them? Tomorrow morning, I’m paying a visit to this couple. I’m guessing I’m going to be a bit uncomfortable…but I’m thinking that’s a good thing and a necessary thing.

Thank you God for your grace…You are amazing!

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  1. Jim…it takes guts to admit this and courage to follow through! These are some of the best and toughest lessons of growing. Thanks for being transparent with us.

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