My Top 10 “Pet Peeves”


I’m normally a pretty easy going guy. I don’t stress out too easily and it’s pretty hard to get under my skin…but just in case you wanted to try, here are my top 10 pet peeves.

10. Whining – I expect it out of a 3 year old, but can’t stand it from “big people” 

9. Full House – I loved the show when I was a kid, but now my kids are watching the re-runs and it’s killing me!

8. Spam From Russia – Every bit of blogging spam that Askimet catches is in Russian…I’d at least like to be able to read the junk (or maybe not)

7. Bad handoffs – C’mon Hasselbeck…that one cost us a game!

6. Stopping at yellow lights – Seriously people…if it turns yellow and your only 20 ft. away…go through it. This “slamming on your breaks at the first sight of anything yellow” thing needs to end!

5. Bad Coffee – Is it really that hard to make a decent cup o’ joe?

4. Being Late – I have a life…and it’s neatly scheduled thank you very much. Leave 10 minutes early so you’re not 10 minutes late.

3. Out of tune guitars – I’ll give you the $20 bucks to buy a decent tuner…just tune that thing!

2. Seafood – Don’t like it , don’t want to look at it, don’t want to smell it. I don’t care if I’m from Seattle, the stuff is nasty!

1. Drive thru windows – When you say “Can I help you?” – be ready to listen to my order. Don’t make me sit through that uncomfortable pause and then say…”Can you repeat that?”

I think that’s about it. If anything else annoys me, I’ll let you know.


One Response

  1. Regarding number 9: What is up with that?!? The reruns are on Nick at Nite…the shows on there were in black and white (or just really bad color) when I was growing up (small-screen gems like Green Acres and The Patty Duke Show). Now they’re showing Full House and The Fresh Prince of Bel Air. Am I really THAT old? Bring back Donna Reed and Lassie so I can feel young again!!! 😉

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