Lunch With A Friend


One of the biggest challenges I’ve had since relocating from Seattle has been finding a peer to connect with. It’s incredibly important to connect and form relationships within your ministry environment, but I also believe it’s important to form those relationships on the outside. Every Pastor or leader needs these kinds of relationships to help stay focused, encouraged and passionate about what they’re doing. Finding someone who is living and ministering in a similar environment as you are is an amazing thing.

It’s taken the better part of a year and a half, but I’ve finally found that relationship here in Bloomington. Today we will connect over lunch for the 2nd time. It’s great to sit with someone who understands what I’m living and breathing. We can rejoice together, vent together, tell “war stories” and share victories. It reconfirms that I am not alone on this journey…people have walked it before me and people will walk it after. I’d been praying for this kind of connection for quite some time…and as it turns out, my friend has been praying for the same thing. I love how God works!

How about you? Have you connected with anyone? If so, stay connected! If not, I challenge you to seek out that relationship. Get out of your “ministry bubble” and connect with someone else who’s on the same ride as you are.

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