Bible in a Year (pt.10)


Here’s a few things that have jumped out at me over the last week or so…

Ex. 34:14 says; “You must worship no other gods, but only the Lord, for he is a God who is passionate about his relationship with you.” I love the fact that God is passionate about us. I love that He longs to have a relationship with us. The question is, how passionate are we about our relationship with Him?

Psalm 33:20-21 says; “We depend on the Lord alone to save us. Only he can help us, protecting us like a shield. In Him our hearts rejoice, for we are trusting in his holy name.” Yet another great picture, but can we truly say this in our own lives? Do we rejoice? Do we depend upon Him? Are we trusting Him?

Read Psalm 34:1-10 here. If there is one portion of scripture that gives a vivid picture of a lifestyle of worship, this is it! Taste and see that the Lord is good…Oh, the joys of those who trust in Him!

This week I’ve really been moved by the fact that God longs for us to count on Him. Words like trust, depend and rejoice have jumped out at me all week. I love it when scripture makes us question where we are at. It’s good to be introspective and it’s good to be honest with ourselves. The truth is, I don’t always trust Him, I don’t always depend on Him and I don’t always rejoice in Him…but I should…and I long to.

Let’s face it, we are all a work in progress, but the beautiful thing is that God has laid out His desire to work in and through us all throughout scripture…and He will be faithful to complete that work!


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