A Stat to Think About (pt.1)


Having a great time this morning at our “Insync” Children’s Conference. Jeff Sandstrom from Rethink is here sharing about Kidstuf and the Children’s Ministry at Northpoint. I have to admit, I walked in here this morning wondering what in the world I could gain from a Children’s Conference. I came in to lead worship and then figured I’d veg out back at the sound board.

But a certain statistic that Jeff shared really shook me up. The normal children’s ministry has about 52 hours a year to impact children for Jesus. Considering that no one makes it every Sunday, the actual figure is even less. That got me thinking about worship. How many hours a year do most people have exposure to our Sunday morning worship environment? At Vale, our worship set generally lasts about 20 minutes…if you do the math, that means people are exposed to that environment 10.4 hours per year. That number freaked me out! We’re talking about 10.4 hours of “entry level” worship…not worship as a lifestyle, but the very basics of being a worshipper.

How do we teach someone to worship God with their whole life when their exposure to even the simpilest side of worship is so small? I’m still “unpacking” this one at the moment…I’ll post more later. Any thoughts?


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