Are You Ready For Some Football?


Finally…the long wait is over. The NFL kicks off this week! It’s time to get past all the offseason arrests, suspensions and convictions and see what happens on the field. I think I’ve made my point pretty clear that it is once again the year of the ‘Hawks. I know my pal Darren is on that Cowboy bandwagon and I’m assuming Dennis is hangin’ with Da Bears. I’m going to open myself up to a little abuse here and invite you to make your Superbowl predictions.

My Superbowl pick: Seahawks 24 – Patriots 20


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  1. There is one great disadvantage when the Cubs decide to keep playing past June. I have a hard time shifting my mind from baseball to football, though the game yesterday may have me changing my mind. As for football teams, I grew up in Western NY, so Buffalo is my first love. After four crushing Superbowl defeats and a move from home I started shopping my allegiance. We moved to St. Louis when the Rams arrived in town, so my kids became Rams fans. Personally, I love the Hawks…I’ve had Shawn Alexander on my fantasy team for years…he has me hooked, but my oldest kid can’t bear me supporting Seattle. He HATES the Seahawks! The only thing that cause more grief in our house is when I suggest that I am switching to the Cardinals (back to baseball). So, back to the beginning…I’m so out of it on football that I forgot to get our fantasy league started…now I have to decide if we go or take a break for a year.

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