Bible in a Year (pt. 8)


Reading on through Exodus this morning and found that Moses had the same problem many of us do…He was overloaded! Read Ex. 18:13-27.

This is such a great Old Testament example of a modern day issue. Moses was a “do it all” kind of guy. Sure there were important things that needed to be handled directly by Moses, but this guy was handling even the smallest of details…right down to litterally sitting for an entire day to mediate every little complaint that the Israelites had against one another. Then Jethro steps in (I know, I know…I always have a Beverly Hillbillies moment when I read that too..) – Jethro takes the initiative to tell Moses that he’s “frying” himself. He lays out a plan of delgation…a sort of leadership development plan and leaves it in Moses’ hands to consider.

What I love about this story is that God directly used someone in Moses’ life to show him a better way of doing ministry. Moses would have been burned up and useless in no time if this hadn’t of happened (see 17:11-12 to see how tired he truly was) – But instead, God intervened through Jethro to teach Moses a new way of leading.

In the end, Moses puts Jethro’s plan into action. This is just another great example of why we MUST be in the buisness of training and raising up other leaders. God has no desire to see us fry and you can rest assured He will send someone or some circumstance your direction to show you a better way.


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  1. Busy..what are you talking about, no one around here is busy…nothing but time on our hands…ok, gotta cut this reply short..I have a meeting to run to… 🙂

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