Down the Road


I’ve spent some time recently looking ahead a bit. What is it that God has 5, 10 even 20 years down the road? I can’t imagine not being in ministry, that’s my calling and I’ll probably do it until I die. The question is, what will that ministry look like? In 20 years will I be an effective 57 year old Worship Pastor? In 12 years, when the kids are out of school, will God change our direction? In 3 years, when Vale is sitting in a new facility and our Creative Ministry is on it’s 5th year of bursting at the seams…what role will God have me play?

All these are valid questions, but the truth is I don’t need the answers. I don’t have to know what’s coming up around every corner. This journey wouldn’t be nearly as exciting if I did. Living life in ministry is about trusting God. Not just here and there, but with every fiber of your being. I read a ton of blogs from church planters like Ben Arment, Darren Plummer and Shawn Lovejoy…these are guys who know how to trust. These are guys who know how to live life in ministry without any idea of what’s around the next corner.

How about you? Do you trust God enough to ask the questions and wait for the answers? Do you know, deep in your gut, that He has your back even when the road looks treacherous? All I know is that we serve a faithful God. A God that we are blessed to worship and a God I can’t wait to share with the world…It doesn’t matter where, when or how…that mission will always remain the same.


3 Responses

  1. Wow… powerful post, Jim. I’m really enjoying your blog… keep it up, dude!

    Hey, are you going to Innovate at Granger?

  2. Wouldn’t miss it…I’ll be there with a few folks from my team. We should get connected.

  3. This is one of my favorite posts you have posted..I keep asking the questions, but boy I am impatient. When you are pretty dogone sure you are being called to ministry full time, but still have to balance another job while you do ministry part time as a volunteer, it is very hard to be patient. Christine and I just want to know where God is leading us and it sure would be convenient for us if he would tell me this Tuesday at 5:30 pm (because I have some open time on my calendar) … 🙂

    Thanks for the thoughts and perspectives, it sure is an exciting journey right now isn’t it???

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