What the “T” Stands For


Anyone who knows me at all, knows that I love to talk about team building and specifically raising up other team leaders. I am not meant to be a “lone ranger” in this thing, rather I’m meant to develop, nurture, challenge and empower leaders to work alongside me. This is something I’ve become especially passionate about since coming to Vale. As our Creative Ministry and artistry has expanded, so has my work load. The choice is simple…either build a team or burn out. I choose to build.

I’m usually not into acronyms, but over the next few posts I’d like to share one with you. T.E.A.M. Let’s start with the “T”…

In the creative environment in particular, the “T” stands for time. It takes time to develop leaders. Over the last two months, I’ve handed two of my vocal teams off to other leaders and started sharing my worship leading responsibilities with another vocalist. This didn’t happen over night, in fact it took over a year to watch, evaluate and finally empower these people. Team building requires time…If you rush it, you run the risk of making a poor choice…and a poor choice can be truly detrimental to your ministry.


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