What the “E” Stands For


Continuing with our T.E.A.M. acronym, let’s move on the the letter “E”…

“E” stands for effort. It takes effort to build a team. In creative ministry, the easy thing to do is grab your most talented people, empower them as leaders and let them fly. The problem with that, is that talent alone doesn’t make you a good leader. Some of the most gifted people I’ve ever known are followers…their gift set doesn’t include leadership and there’s nothing wrong with that. My job, however, is to make the effort and do the research to see who my leaders are. In the end, those people may turn out to be the most talented or artistically gifted, but often times they won’t be.

Remember, a leader with no followers is just out for a walk. We must seek God when it comes to raising up leaders and building our teams. Who do you have that people will follow? Who has the trust of the others in your ministry…The most talented or not, that’s the kind of person you can build a team with. Make the effort!

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