What the “A” Stands For


Moving on to the letter “A”…

“A” stands for assist. You need to assist your leaders. The whole purpose of team building and leadership development is to keep from becoming a “ministerial lone ranger.” If you put a leader in place and then leave him or her dangling in the wind, all you’ve done is raise up another “lone ranger”.  Before you put a leader in place, make sure you have the time to invest in their leadership. This can come in many forms…conferences, books, videos etc…but the best way to develop someone is to make a personal, hands on, investment.

Remember, part of assisting is being patient. There will always be a “trial and error” factor any time you put a new leader in place. Be prepared for that, be encouraging, be vocal about your support for your new leader and remember to assist them at every turn. Eventually…they’ll be ready to fly on their own.


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