Off to School


I guess summer must finally be over. Tomorrow morning I send my kids off to school. The difference this year is that they are BOTH going. My youngest is about to be a kindergartner. Wow…that went fast! On one hand I’m excited because my kids are growing up, but on the other hand it’s kind of a drag…because my kids are growing up.

All I know is that God has given me these two “mini people” for a very short time. In that time, my job is to raise them to love and serve God. This is a task I readily accept, I just wish the time wouldn’t go by so fast.

2 Responses

  1. Hi Jim,
    I remember that day. Don’t blink – my oldest just got his driver’s license and I’m still looking around going, man, where did those 16 years go??

    love the blog

  2. Heya Jim!
    I understand completely….My Madison is going to school again this year and starting in Sept. when Alex turns 3 he will be as well. The only advice my Mother gave me on parenthood was “Don’t blink, the next thing that you know they will move out, get married and have kids of their own.”
    I am understanding that statement more and more each day. And I will come back to this place when my baby Sammy departs to school. Kinda reminds me of the childrens book “Let me hold you longer”

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