The Art of The Audition


One of the more difficult things in creative ministry is the audition/interview process. It’s a blast when the “audition-ee” is gifted, but not so much fun when they are not. Here’s what’s worked for me:

I’ve never (and probably will never) use an application as part of the process. Nothing beats a face to face meeting. Anyone can sound as if their spiritual life is “bliss” on paper, but in person that’s not as easy. I’m never looking for the next spiritual giant, but I am looking for someone who is transparent about thier walk, their life and thier relationship with God.

Always view your creative ministry as a worship ministry first…and an artistic ministry second. That gives you a justified “out” if an ego-trip walks through your door and also lays out an immediate expectation of what kind of life your team members should be leading. Be prepared to share what the Word has to say about worship as a lifestyle.

Get to the actual “craft” last. This drives home the point that this is a worship ministry above ALL else by focusing on life first and everything else second.

After you feel like you have a “vibe” for the person and have shared your heart and vision effectively, sit down for the musical portion of the process. Remember, as uncomfortable as it may be, you MUST be honest in this process. I usually tell the person up front that I am going to be straight with them when we are finished.

Lastly, never make a decision on the spot. Take a day or two to get with God and seek His desire. Once you’ve made your decision, give the person a call or get with them in person. Email is a great tool, but not in this circumstance.

These are the things that have worked well for me. I’d be curious what other audition/interview methods you all use.


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