American Airlines…No Friend to Coffee Lovers


I had originally planned on keeping a complete coffee diary during my trip to the Seattle area, but I couldn’t keep up with the consumption rate. So instead of a diary, I thought I’d tell you about the worst cup of coffee I’ve ever had in my life…

There I was, 34,000 feet in the air when I see the little silver cart start heading down the aisle. I’m craving a nice cup o’ joe and that cart had what I needed. Minutes later, I sat and looked longingly at this little styrofoam cup, embossed proudly with the American Airlines logo. It’s steaming, most likely fresh and waiting to be sipped. I raised the cup, took a drink and immediately felt a shiver of distain make it’s way through my body…THIS WAS THE WORST COFFEE EVER!!!

Eventually, I worked my way through the whole cup and tried to find something positive in it’s contents…It’s then that I decided this cup would act as a “sorbet” to clear my pallet as I headed towards the coffee paradise that is Seattle.


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