Bible in a Year (pt.3)

Reading in Genesis 26 today and found the story of Isaac digging out the wells his Father Abraham had dug many years earlier. Read the story here. In the past, I think this was most likely a story that I would kind have passed over. I mean, what significance do the names of Isaac’s wells have in the grand scheme of things? But today, something clicked…

Well #1: Vs. 20. Isaac’s men dug a well, but after they had dug it out, some local shepherds came over and claimed the spring as thier own. An argument broke out as a result…so Isaac named the well; “Argument”.

Well #2: Vs. 21. So, Isaac’s men dig another well and again there was a fight over it…so Isaac named this well; “Opposition”.

Well #3: Vs. 22. Then the Bible says, Isaac abandoned that well and dug another. There was no opposition to this one, so he called it; “Room Enough” (or “open space”)

This is life in ministry…and for that matter life in general. Arguments and opposition are everywhere. Sometimes it’s in the form of legalism or a judgmental heart, sometimes it comes from a source with the best of intentions and sometimes it’s just there. In ministry as in life, there will always be an argument for and against just about any path you take. In ministry as in life, there will always be opposition to what you’re doing…even if you’re walking the clear path of God, there will be opposition…you can count on it.

But I love what Isaac does in Vs. 22…He abandons the previous well…in other words, he abandons the opposition. He knows he needs to dig this well and nothing is going to stop him from doing it. He calls that well (depending on your translation) “Room Enough”. He goes on to say in that verse; “At last the Lord has made room for us, and we will be able to thrive.”

God desires for our ministries to thrive. He desires for us to face the arguments and the opposition, allow them to strengthen us and then abandon that opposition for the clear call of God. He has already made room for us to thrive for His glory!


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