Back before I was in ministry full-time, today would have been a “short timers” day. A day to wrap up a few last minute things before heading out the door on vacation. Today however, I find myself overwhelmed at the honor of being in the presence of God and leading others to that same place. I’m amazed that the God of heaven would spare me, love me and call me…when compared to Him, my worth is unrecognizable. I’m amazed that I will spend my morning surrounded by people who have the same story. There are no “short timer” days as a worshipper, because God never ceases to be worthy…Today, for some reason that worth is more glaring, more obvious than normal.

I still can’t wait until Tuesday…I can’t wait for the down time, but even more, I can’t wait for 9:30 and 11:00 today…I can’t wait to join with the angels and sing God’s praises. I can’t wait to be overwhelmed in His presence.


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  1. Dude… I feel ya! Can’t wait for the “down time” (if you wanna call it that) on Tuesday, as well. I had to lead worship, cuz our worship guy was away… PLUS preach! Hadn’t done that in quite awhile… but I LOVED IT!! Tomorrow, I have to speak at a men’s retreat… so, I’m really looking forward to the rest. But, you know what? It’s a freakin’ awesome privilege that we get to serve the King of kings, baby!

    Stay faithful, my friend… glad we’re connected! 😉

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