T-Minus 4 Days and Counting

Vacation is almost here…I can’t wait to get on that airplane! Vacations have always been sweet, but ever since I’ve been in ministry full-time, they’ve taken on a whole different purpose. Here’s the top 10 things about vacation that I’m most exited about.

10. I’m leaving my laptop

9. Real Coffee (I think I’ve mentioned that enough now…)

8. Turner’s face when we get on the plane.

7. Being back in the great Northwest.

6. BBQ at Christine’s cousins house…yummy!

5. Grandmas cooking…and her great smile.

4. Possible Bigfoot sighting.

3. Seeing my Brother-in-Law Andy.

2. Family time with no distractions.

1. Change of pace + change of place = change of perspective!

I need all of these, but that last one is so important. I need to refresh my view of ministry life, I need to see things from a new perspective…not because the current perspective is bad, but because God can be visible from so many different angles. I need clarity, I need refining and I crave a new and energized view. I should take more of these each year!


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