Today marks a big step in the restructuring of our Creative Ministries. For the first time in a year and a half I will not be leading our 1st service vocal rehearsals. These rehearsals have been handed off to 3 incredibly gifted musicians who will lead on a rotating basis. I can’t stress how important this step is for me, Vale and for any other growing Creative Ministry. Identifying leaders must become an absolute passion for those of us on Ministry staffs. WE CAN’T DO IT ALL!

I challenge you to be observant around your teams. Who are the people you can count on? Who shows leadership gifts? Who has the kind of abilities to help take something off of your plate? This has been a long process for me. I love our vocal teams and I love working with vocalists, but I can no longer deny that God has placed gifted people around me for the purpose of utilizing their gifts. God NEVER gifts without the intention of using that gift. Our job as leaders is to plug those gifted people into a position where they can be used to the fullest.

This is an exciting day and one of many to come…


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