The Bible in a Year (pt.2)

I’ve been planning on posting about this journey every week or so, but this morning, part of the story of Hagar in Genesis jumped out at me. In Genesis 16, Abram’s wife Sarai gave him her servant Hagar as a wife because she couldn’t have any children. Long story short…Hagar gets pregnant, Sarai gets jealous and Hagar runs off.

In Verses 7-12, The Angel of the Lord finds her, asks her where she’s going, tells her to return and submit to Sarai, tells her what to name her Son and gives her insight into what kind of life he will live…

What struck me is Hagar’s response to all of this…In verse 13 Hagar begins to refer to God as “The God who sees me”. Wow, that’s powerful! I think we forget that aspect of God to often. God is watching us like we watch our children when they play at the park. He never stops looking, he loves us so much that he can’t bare to turn away.

As we live our lives, serve in our ministries, and walk the paths we walk, God is right there… watching, loving, encouraging, challenging and correcting. He is truly the God who sees us.


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