The Bible in a Year (pt.1)

Wow…Day 6 of the one year journey through the Word. Here’s a couple things that have caught my attention so far.

1. In Gen. 5:24 it talks about Enoch and the close relationship he enjoyed with the Lord…Then in 6:9 it talks about Enoch’s Great Grandson Noah, who also enjoyed a close relationship with the Lord. I can’t help but think this isn’t a coincidence, rather a clear indication of a Godly legacy. What we do with our relationship with God directly impacts our children, grandchildren and ultimately many generations to follow.

2. Matt. 5:23-24 is one of my favorite verses. Do we practice this? Seriously, would we step back from worship in order to get things right with someone, or would we jump on stage and do our thing regardless? Something to ponder…

3. Ever wonder how we should react in the presence of God? Ps. 5:7 says it all: “With deepest awe I will worship in Your temple.”

4. Good exercise in humility in Matt. 5:16. Is this why we like to shine?

Much more to come as we continue this journey…what’s hitting you so far?


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