Random Thoughts for the Week

1. Our new vocal rotations start this week. I’ve handed our 1st service vocal teams off to some amazing musicians. It’s less about me clearing my plate and more about gifted people getting to use thier gifts…I’m excited for the result!

2. T-minus 7 days until we go to Seattle. FINALLY…A GOOD CUP OF COFFEE!

3. Can’t wait to see Christine’s Grandma on our trip.  A sweet God loving woman who can cook with the best of them. (10 lbs here I come)

4. Kicking off our new series while I’m gone. It’s about parenting…I’m guessing I’ll learn plenty trying to make our connection at O’Hare with a five and an eight year old in tow.

5. Took the kids school shopping…this growing up thing is really freaking me out.

6. Time to start pondering what to put on my Illinois license plate. (SEAHWK 1) – (C HAWK 1) – (SEEHOK 1) or (C HWKS 1) – I sense a theme here.

7. Can’t decide on a look for this blog…it may change weekly until the artist in me is happy.

8. Speaking of the blog…We’ve been up for about 40 days and have had almost 800 lurkers. Seems like a pretty good start!

9. Have Final Cut Studio sitting in my office but no Mac to run it on….this is very, very sad.

10. The A/C is really crankin’ today…I may need a parka to get through the work day.


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