Starbucks and the Art of a Creative Meeting

Ahhh… Starbucks, where all good meetings take place. It’s taken me a while to drill this into the heads of my fellow Pastors and volunteer staff, but it looks like this “life theme” is emplanting itself nicely into the fabric of those around me. I had to give up alot when we moved from Seattle…Mountains, the ocean, Bigfoot and yes, a Starbucks on every corner. But now, a month or more into our weekly creative meeting, it’s starting to feel like the Northwest in Central Illinois.

Every Tuesday morning we meet at 6am (hence the reason for coffee). What makes the meeting work, is that we have a small list of things we cover each week.

1. What worked on Sunday?

2. What Didn’t work on Sunday?

3. How do we fix what didn’t work?

4. What’s the gameplan for the next Sunday?

We usually hit on a few other things throughout the meeting, but these basics cover everything my team and I need to learn, plan and go forward. It’s the art of continual assesement. We all want to do our very best and this meeting has helped so much in achieving that goal.

For us, the face to face meeting has worked really well, however there are a ton of other ways to work towards the same results with your creative teams. Check out The Planning Center. This is a great online planning resource. Our A/V Team uses a blog to stay connected. Email, conference calls etc…are still great for the less technical church. The important thing is that you are connecting, planning and problemsolving as a team. Get your people involved, give them a voice and watch your ministry soar!


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