The Bible in a Year

Well, it looks like we’ve stirred something up here. I’m not one to deny momentum, so here’s the challenge. I’ve started a one year Bible reading plan and I’m laying down the challenge to the rest of our Creative Ministry to do the same. Every week or so, I’ll post an update on my progress and wait on your comments to see how you’re doing.

Here’s a link to the One Year Bible I’m using. Get it, read it, know it and hide it your heart. The challenge is on!


2 Responses

  1. JIm-

    I am willing to try. I am also involved in Beth Moore studies and will be reading assigned books from school (CCA teacher reading program). I have read the Bible in one year a few years ago, but reading it through again as a whole voice not selected verses will be good for me.

  2. For those who may not want to purchase a new Bible or whose spouse says you already have 3 copies of every translation know to man already, you can get the reading plan from . It is website by the people who publish the One Year Bible and gives you the same reading plan as is listed in the Bible…

    I am looking forward to this…today was January 1 for me in my reading…



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