Wisdom From a Sleepy 5 Year Old

My little boy, Turner has developed a new habit in the evenings. If I’m sitting on the couch, he’ll grab a pillow, lay it on my right hip and lay his head down. Like clockwork, he’s out in 5-10 minutes. I love it so much, that I’ll usually let him stay for an hour before carrying him off to bed. I think that’s a great picture of our Father God. I can think of countless times when I was weary or burdened and just needed a place to rest. God would sit down, I would grab a pillow, crawl up next to Him and rest in the comfort and security of my Father’s lap. God is that approachable…I love it!


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  1. It amazes me that when you post something so simple it consistantly strikes a deep chord and touches where I am at. God needed to remind me to grab my pillow and rest in him. This summer has been so stressful and I feel such peace as I put my back pack away and take time to listen to what God has to say to me. Not just read my bible or utter a five min prayer but sit in the silence and give God his turn. It changes perspective, and what once seemed like an unmovable obstacle is suddenly bearable. Kinda like my Alex….He gets so tired, yet fights to go to sleep. He screams and cries and all is wrong with the world. But if you hold him down long enough-he can not fight it any more and finally is able to give up and go to sleep. I was acting the same way. It just took God to get me to stay still long enough to allow him to minister to me and give me peace and rest. I was finally able to give up give to him what I was holding on to so dearly. The rest of this week should look brighter.
    Good night.

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